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by Cole Humphreys in Insurance University at April 7, 2015

As an insurance consumer, you need to know more about the insurance you are searching for. Having an understanding of the terminology can really give you a foot up in searching for insurance quotes. Standard Auto – Auto insurance for average drivers with relatively few accidents during lifetime. Subrogation – […]

Terms and Definitions

Auto Insurance and Home insurance can be very confusing. Understanding the basic terminology can be very helpful. Liability – Broadly, any legally enforceable obligation. The term is most commonly used in a pecuniary sense. Liability Insurance – Insurance that pays and renders service on behalf of an insured for loss […]


Insurance agents giving insurance quotes in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield and Irving need to be aware of the definitions of most insurance terms. I have a series of posts introducing you to the common used terms. General Liability Insurance -Insurance designed to protect business owners and operators from a wide […]

Insurance Definitions Continued

As an insurance agent in Grand Prairie, it is my obligation to share with you the definitions of insurance and how it effects you. Listed below are definitions of common insurance terms that will help you when looking for insurance quotes. Claim – A demand made by the insured, or […]

Insurance Definitions

When looking for auto insurance quotes or homeowners insurance quotes in Grand Prairie, Arlington or Irving, understanding definitions of insurance terms can help greatly. Listed below are a few definitions to get you started. DEFINITION of ‘Insurance’ A contract (policy) in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or […]

by Cole Humphreys in Homeowners Insurance at March 20, 2015

Homeowners Policy Definitions

When searching for Homeowners Insruance in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving or Mansfield. It is important to understand the definitions of the policy. Most insurance agents have to know how courts interpret definitions contained within policies. A recent case helps as it relates to the definition of “you” in a homeowners […]

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at March 18, 2015

Auto Insurance Quote Pricing Trends

When considering auto insurance rates in Grand Prairie, consumers need to be aware of the most expensive and least expensive vehicle to insure. The least expensive 2015 models to insure include two minivans, seven SUV’s and the Smart ForTwo, according to an experts ranking of the most and least expensive […]

by Cole Humphreys in Homeowners Insurance at March 14, 2015

Homeowners Insurance in Grand Prairie

When searching for Homeowners Insurance in Grand Prairie, It is crusial to be armed with the proper information. Good agents and home insurance companies will always explain it to you if asked. When searching for your ideal policy, remember that all Insurers differ. As with anything else you buy, the […]

by Cole Humphreys in Uncategorized at March 11, 2015

Save 20% on car insurance?!?!?!?!

When searching for Auto Insurance in Texas, it is important to recognize the quality and authenticity of the source of said quote. Online business is reaching a peak and I feel as if it may just that, a peak. There is certainly a market for everything but the traditional sources […]

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at March 6, 2015

Financial Situation of Auto Insurance Companies and Rates

When looking for auto insurance in Grand Prairie or Arlington it is good to know financial standings of the companies. Auto insurance rates are very volatile based on these factors. Recently, Liberty Mutual finished out the year with gains in written premium, net income and a better combined ratio. The […]

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