Comprehensive and Collision or Full Coverage

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at August 5, 2015

Full coverage insurance in Grand Prairie is just a phone call away. However, I would argue the “full coverage” is a very mis-leading term. There are coverages that not all companies offer that could be considered “full”. One coverage that is more common but not on all companies list is […]

Auto Insurance Coverage: PIP

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at August 3, 2015

There are so many different coverage that come along with the purchasing of insurance. When requesting full coverage, you can be getting yourself into an expensive ordeal. However, what is more important than price is simply knowing the insurance coverage and how they affect you. Personal Injury Protection is a […]

by Cole Humphreys in Homeowners Insurance at July 30, 2015

Home Insurance Rates Increase

An insurance rate hike could be in your future if you own a home in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Irving or Dallas. The Division of Insurance gave the green light for multiple companies to hike premiums for 2015. But critics believe the public needs more of a voice before rate […]

by Cole Humphreys in Homeowners Insurance at July 21, 2015

Home Insurance Blurbs

When considering home insurance in today’s world, a lot of home owners are dealing with larger bills on less earnings. Facing tightened family budgets in the wake of ever increasing expenses to buy home insurance. However there is no reason to brawl with the price of dwelling insurance. Even with […]

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at July 20, 2015

Auto Rate Tips

If you own a car in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield or Irving, you will never look at auto insurance the same way. Understanding the market and the product will take you a long way in assuring a good rate with good coverage. Many people make assumptions on what their premiums […]

by Cole Humphreys in Homeowners Insurance at July 17, 2015

Insureds in a Case Study

Grand Prairie insurance agents need to know about this case dealing with a home owners insurance policy. It is a 2000, case from the ACA labeled Easter v. Providence Lloyds Ins. Co. Relevant information: Bonnie was having a hard time dealing with the emotional and behavioral problems her daughter MDE […]

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at July 15, 2015

Auto Insurance Tips

Grand Prairie driver need to purchase auto insurance. When searching for auto insurance, you can quickly be overwhelmed. The decisions that you have to make when considering coverage and price will quickly confuse the average consumer. Being proactive and education yourself on the basic needs and wants of an auto […]

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at July 13, 2015

Auto Insurance Tidbits

An auto insurance consumer in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield or Irving may want to consider these different tidbits when it comes to choosing and managing your auto insurance. I feel like price is most consumers number one factor when determining auto insurance. As price can be very helpful, one must […]

Dwelling Fire Products

Homeowners Insurance in Grand Prairie can be confusing. Dwelling fire products are designed for the tenant occupied property along with the secondary, vacant and some owner occupied residences. The TDP is the basic form that meets the basic form of most needs. The TDP-1 policy covers a home against perils […]

Home Insurance Blues

When selecting home insurance in Grand Prairie, it is important to know who your agent is and how he is working for you. Is you agent considering that fact that you have an alarm system in your house. Having an alarm system brings in major discounts in your policy premiums. […]

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