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by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at October 20, 2015

Insurance rates in Grand Prairie are easy to find. Calling an independent agent is even easier. There are many insurance agents in Grand Prairie and they all pretty much do the same thing. The thing that sets insurance agents apart the most is their ability to represent different insurance companies. As an independent agency, Austin Insurance is able to represent around 25 different insurance companies that we regularly use. This means that your particular demography, type of car and qualified discounts are applied to the open market to see where you best fit. ”Best fit” equals less premium which means more money on your pocket.
State Farm, Allstate and Farmers Insurance companies have what are called “captive agents”. A captive agent is an agent who represents one company. The issue with the captive agent is that he is paid by and supported by the company he represents. If his rates increase, then you have no option but to pay the higher premiums. As part of their business agreement, they offer only that company’s products, services, and coverages. As a consumer in the insurance industry, you need to be better represented by doing business with someone who can fight for not only your business but provide quality customer service.
Independent agents offer products from different companies. Often, they also can offer choices and savings because they can consult you with multiple options to find the right mix of companies, coverages and premiums for you.
Since they represent many different insurance companies, independent agents can let you shop around with competing carriers and get you the best deal. So rather than spending hours gathering quotes from various companies, you can get it done with one simple call or visit to your independent agent or broker.
Another advantage to working with an independent agent or broker is their ability to offer help for all your vehicle insurance needs. In some cases, bundling your car, motorcycle, boat, and/or RV policies together can save you big bucks. Leading car insurer Progressive offers multivehicle discounts, so don’t leave out any of your cars or other “toys” when getting your insurance quote. (
We all agree that paying less for your insurance is at minimum top 2 priority when choosing insurance. The other important aspect is quality. Understanding that having quality coverage is as important is still an argument for having an independent agent. Along with the 3 popular companies listed above, there are 3 times that amount of companies as good or better in the quality field. Companies like, MetLife, Travelers, Liberty Mutual and Safeco are all high quality companies that use independent agents for sales.
The other unfortunate reality in the insurance industry is that you are simply a number, a contract. That contract is good for 6 months or a year. After that time period you are then another contract, number. You are covered for whatever is listed with in that contract with in its time period. Loyalty to an insurance company may get you a few discounts but it does not get you more coverage. So do not be mistaken when you say, “I’ve been with my insurance company for 20 years, they will always be there for me.” That 20 years is simply profit for them, they only care about your current policy period. Insurance companies for “for-profit” and do not give you back any money.

If you should have any firth questions, do not hesitate to contact an independent agent.

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