Auto Insurance Coverage: PIP

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at August 3, 2015

There are so many different coverage that come along with the purchasing of insurance. When requesting full coverage, you can be getting yourself into an expensive ordeal. However, what is more important than price is simply knowing the insurance coverage and how they affect you.
Personal Injury Protection is a part of your insurance protection that deals mostly with medical expenses but can extend to other damages incurred. PIP is often related to “no fault” insurance because it does not matter who caused the accident or who is legally liable for damages. PIP is there to protect you no matter the result of the accident. So if I cause an accident and I am found legally liable for damages, I can still use my own PIP coverage to ensure I am taken care of in the case of medical coverage and also lost wages. Many states require this coverage to be included in your insurance policy as opposed to choosing only liability insurance. When you have health insurance as well as PIP coverage, your PIP coverage is the first to be exhausted in the event of a loss. Texas does not require for you to buy PIP coverage but it does require you to reject it by signature. Washington is the only other sate to require that it is rejected by signature. PIP coverage is offered as an option with Medical Payment coverage. You select one or the other. PIP tends to be a bit more expensive because it ranges in things that are actually covered whereas Med Pay only covers your medical bills.
If you should have any questions concerning your auto insurance coverage, do not hesitate to contact an agent.

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