Auto Rate Tips

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at July 20, 2015

If you own a car in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield or Irving, you will never look at auto insurance the same way. Understanding the market and the product will take you a long way in assuring a good rate with good coverage. Many people make assumptions on what their premiums should be and how discounts should apply. It is better to release yourself of the assumptions and make fact based decisions. One of the most important factors in considering your insurance is to always have it. Insurance companies offer their largest discounts based on the fact that you have at least 6 months prior insurance in your record. That insurance discount will go away if there is a more than 30-day lapse in coverage. The fact is that as long as we own a vehicle we will be paying auto insurance for the rest of our lives. It is a “fixed” cost. A fixed cost is one that remains the same, unending. Being a fixed cost, it is important that we control it and minimize it as much as possible. Many people mistakenly believe that auto insurance rates go down automatically for young drivers once they reach 25. This is no longer even close to a fact except that from the age of 24-25 there is a reduction in rates but it is the same as any other reduction in premiums. Insurance companies have gotten down to the half year when it comes to your rates. 25 is better than 24-1/2. 24-1/2 is better than 24 an so forth. If you have further questions concerning your insurance rates, do not hesitate to contact an agent.

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