Auto Insurance Responses

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at June 12, 2015

When searching for Auto Insurance in Grand Prairie, Irving, Mansfield, Arlington and Cedar Hill, one should consider an agent who can properly advise you when an accident occurs. After all, you are just paying a lot of money to a big rich corporation for a piece of paper. What makes a difference is the level of care when a loss occurs. Whether the accident is your fault or the other persons fault does not matter at this point. What matters is keeping your cool and managing the situation. If you need, you can contact your insurance company immediately for advice. The most important steps to take is to prepare your insurance information and be prepared to record the other party’s insurance information as well. Having their information is invaluable in the claims process. I suggest putting a blank piece of paper attached to a working pen in the glove compartment so there is never any hesitation when attempting to record claim information. Once prepared to record any information, you should consider the police. On a minor fender bender, it is likely that the police will not come nor make any type of report. It will be up to you to contact and collect the other party. In the worst case scenario, you should at least attempt to gather vehicle information and maybe driver information. If the other driver is being uncooperative, simply record their physical description and auto information. The police will be forced to come at this point as a crime has been committed. Auto insurance can be tricky.

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