Insurance Agents

Searching for and understanding your insurance can be a grueling task and very confusing. Fortunately, the state of Texas has granted me a licensed after intense studying and testing to advise you on your insurance decisions. Along with the testing, Insurance Agents must continue their education every two years with 30 hours in a classroom setting or the equivalent. Amongst those 30 hours also include Ethics reviews. There may be crooked insurance agents out there but they know they are crooked and are classified with thieves.
The insurance related continuing education classes are put on at all times across the state and even outside of the state. At times, the insurance continuing education experience can be very tedious and annoying but also it can be a fun experience. If you an agent fails to comply with the required 30 hours of insurance related continuing education hours, he or she will be subject to a $25 per failed hour fine. After 10 years of being licensed, this is the first 2 year period where I have my hours taken care of well before the due date. The reason is I failed to get those hours in before the deadline and I received my fine. I was not excited about that and will never do that again.
Insurance agents in Grand Prairie and surrounding cities will eventually be grandfathered after about 20 years in the business. This means they are no longer required to maintain insurance continuing education hours. Once an individual has 20 years of experience on the job, there is not much a continuing education class can do to promote their knowledge.
Do not hesitate to contact a local agent and ask questions about your policy. You can tell whether you want to have an agent on his willingness to help a random person over the phone.

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