Save 20% on car insurance?!?!?!?!

by Cole Humphreys in Uncategorized at March 11, 2015

When searching for Auto Insurance in Texas, it is important to recognize the quality and authenticity of the source of said quote. Online business is reaching a peak and I feel as if it may just that, a peak. There is certainly a market for everything but the traditional sources are typically there for a reason. One fear arises from the announcement by Google that they are releasing their online compare now insurance site. Are you saying that Google is entering the insurance business? They have introduced their program in the United Kingdom and already in California.
There comes a certain ease of mind when you can go online and purchase your insurance without the haggle of a salesman breathing down your neck. My response to this is the problem lies in your agent and not in your dealings with an agent. It is worth your time to spend a few trial and error insurance purchases to find a good agent or agency. If you and others were to go through this vetting process, the hardcore pressure salesman and those alike will be thinned out and the positive, help-first agent will begin to thrive. When the help-first agent thrives so does his influence. Quoting insurance can be very simple but for those who want the very best rates pared with the very best company would need to do extensive research or allow themselves a learning curve. A quick quote online will disappoint you a majority of the time.
I like the story of the lucky guy who went to GEICO and spent 15 minutes to save 15%. Afterwards he was able to go to e-surance and save another 15%. After seeing and ad on television, he switched to Progressive and saved 40%. Then he became aware of his surroundings and went back to Geico to save 15%.
As you can imagine the companies and their marketing campaigns can be misleading. Some call it the bait-and-switch. The companies that I consider most secure and sound do not do heavy sales driven marketing schemes. You have an image of an umbrella or the ever-popular snoopy. It’s a simple image of something you know and recognize. These companies have been around for longer than the others and will continue to do so.
Using an online tool can be good for research purposes but I believe finding the right Insurance Agent can do wonders for your stress level and pocket book. These are important points to remember when searching for auto insurance.

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