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by Cole Humphreys in Homeowners Insurance at February 10, 2015

Purchasing Home Insurance in Grand Prairie can have many perils. Grand Prairie insurance agents must be knowledgeable and prepared. We live on the edge of Tornado Valley and are always subject to the disaster that Mother Nature can dish out. As many of you know first-hand, In June of 2012, our shared mother unleashed some of the largest frozen rocks any of us have ever seen. I was sitting in my atrium thinking about what I was going to do that evening when I heard a loud thump. I knew what it was. My dog, Max, was up to something mischievous and I decided to sneak around the corner to see if I could catch him. As I was “sneaking” I heard another loud thump. Max had made his way to me at that point and right about that time, I looked out the window. It looked as if someone had thrown a bunch of softballs in my back yard. Then it really began. For the next 1-20 minutes, I was bombarded with hail. I was able to watch from my covered patio and really take in the destruction. As fascinating as it was to see, I quickly realized that this would be six months of hail claims.


The “apocalyptic-like hail storm caused upward of $2 Billion in damage throughout the DFW metroplex. State Farm, one of the largest property insurers in Texas with more than a quarter of the market, said that as of Friday it had around 8,000 auto claims and just over 3,000 homeowners’ claims from the Dallas storm. USAA, the military-focused insurer that is the fourth-largest property insurer in Texas, said it had received around 4,000 home and auto claims. The point of this article is to let you know that being properly protected is very important. You would need to consider your amount of coverage as well as the type of coverage.


This is an important time to consider your deductible as well. The difference in a 1% and 2 % deductible and be drastic when having to replace a roof. You will be talking with an overnight roofer and comparing what he is saying to what a licensed insurance adjuster is telling you. In times like these, you do not want to be wondering if you should have paid the extra $100 dollars for the replacement cost policy. If you feel like you need your policy reviewed, do not hesitate to contact your agent as soon as possible. Our contact info is here or call anytime.

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