Do you have Uninsured Motorist Insurance in Grand Prairie?

by Cole Humphreys in Auto Insurance at February 7, 2015

The importance of Uninsured Motorist coverage in Grand Prairie can mean the difference in a tragedy and a sense of safety. Comprehensive and Collision coverage are equally as important and should be considered when making all insurance decisions. All auto policies should contain Uninsured Motorist coverage.  Jon called the office and reported that his wife (Lucy) had been in an accident in Arlington. Another vehicle pulled out into the intersection causing my insured to strike the other vehicle totaling both cars. The impact was horrendous. As Lucy slowly recovered from the impact, she realized that besides from being a little sore she was safe and healthy. The appearance was that the other driver was as well. In the following hours, as Lucy attempted to make a claim on the other drivers auto insurance policy, she was upset to find that the driver had failed to make payments on the policy causing the policy to cancel for non-payment. Lucy was without words and immediately believed to be “up the creek without a paddle”. How was she to purchase a new vehicle especially knowing the other driver had caused the accident? Luckily, Lucy had multiple coverages built in to her policy. Starting with simple Collision coverage, she would be covered. With Collision coverage, it does not matter whose fault it is. The policy guarantees to indemnify the insured the value of that vehicle minus any deductible. However, more importantly the policy contained coverage for Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage. With Uninsured Motorist coverage, the insured can make a claim on their own insurance and the Uninsured Motorist coverage will act as a third-party insurer. The added bonus to Uninsured Motorist coverage is that when the claim is made, it will not reflect on your Insurance score as a chargeable offense. This goes with the theme, that you can never have enough insurance. Making a Collision claim will affect you but at least you’re covered. Making the Uninsured Motorist coverage claim will indemnify you as well as keep you away from rate increases. Many companies will even offer a “free accident” type coverage that allows you to maintain your current premium after an accident occurs on your policy. As appealing as this sounds, I suggest you investigate fully the meaning. For instance, the additional feature of allowing an accident is usually made up for in an already higher premium. Insurance is about safety and if you feel more secure in a non-volatile price then you should consider adding this feature to you Insurance coverage. Contact here with questions or comments concerning your current coverage.

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