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by Cole Humphreys in Homeowners Insurance at February 3, 2015

Jose in Grand Prairie had his vehicle broken into and had personal items stolen. In the event of his loss, there are multiple issues that arise as to whether or not your insurance company can help you out. Many policies allow you the opportunity to purchase personal items coverage. Insurance companies have experienced fraud over the years, so there are very little companies that still offer this coverage. The damage to your vehicle will be covered if you carry Comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is usually sold as a pair with Collision coverage. Comprehensive covers everything that doesn’t deal with an actual collision. So if the rear window was broken and/or the door-jam was damaged, your insurance company would cover this loss minus your deductible. Amongst the items stolen include: watch, backpack, stereo, mobile phone, laptop and wallet. Guns are also high theft items. Among these items, the stereo is the only thing that would be covered. In the coverage for the stereo, it would be limited to the value of the original stereo that came with the car. If you had an upgraded stereo, you would only get the value of the stock stereo. If you are concerned about these items being protected in the event of and auto break-in, I would suggest two things. 1. reviewing your Homeowners or Renters policy. Both types of policies have coverage allowed for “personal property off of premises”. 2. Inquire about “after-market” insurance with your agent. Car break-ins can be the worst. If you claim the loss and were properly indemnified, you would be making a claim on your Homeowner or Renter policy as well as your Auto policy only to find that the amount is less than or equal to your deductible.

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