Trouble in Paradise

by admin in Headline News at February 19, 2014

Fred Loya insurance has been rising and rising over the past 10-20 years with no end in site. They have sold policy after policy and have made lots of money.

It now appears as if they have begun to see the exhaust from their trail of success. We are now finding about that their success has come from unfair practices. The Texas Department of Insurance has launched an investigation into the overall goings on of the company. In particular they are looking into the claims department. Complaint after complaint has rolled into the offices of TDI. I hope that TDI is able to peruse this investigation the proper way and put pressure on whatever unfair practices are being performed.

Poor performance form any company in my industry negatively effects what I do. In many aspects it might send more business my way however it also makes my image less desirable. I am blessed though because i have many options on who i can place business with. If a company shows any signs of mistreating my customer or a third party i can simply not place business with them. For this reason the companies I deal with choose to provide a good, quality service.

The Texas Department has a large book filled with expected time frames for all correspondence and and rules on the amount of notes that should be taken. The Fred Loya company could have done everything by the book but since they might have used the max time alloted, its still with in the allowed time frames, its all legal. If you should have any questions concerning and insurance company, good or bad, you can contact the Texas Department of Insurance.

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