Protect Your Loved Ones

by admin in Life Insurance at February 19, 2014

Let’s say you are married with a kid. Maybe you have multiple kids. You go to work to provide for your family, be it male or female or I guess both female and both male for that matter. Someone is going to work to provide for the family. Let’s say you bring in 40k per year. With that income, you feed and cloth your family, you also send them to soccer and band practice. You also pay rent/mortgage payment along with vehicle and insurance that goes along with said obligations. The money adds up very quickly. In the event of your sad and untimely demise, you leave your spouse and little ones with a large hole in their lives looking to put the pieces back together.

This is why there is Life Insurance. There are 20-30 years of your life where it is work, work and more work. Let’s take the 40k per year times 3 years to make sure they have time to get back on their feet. Lets add 30k to pay off your car (s). We can add 100k to pay off your mortgage as well. I think that is 250k. Let’s add another 100k just to be safe or maybe a college fund. A healthy male at $31 years old that does not smoke can get 350k worth of coverage for 30 years at a rate of $32.64/month. Females seem to be healthier so they come in around $27.74/month.

If you feel the need to protect your family when you are gone, give us a call and see if we can help you out at all. We can run different types of illustration based on your needs and wants for Life Insurance.These options are available for anyone in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Mansfield, Irving or the whole State of Texas for that matter.