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by admin in Headline News at June 24, 2010

“I want full coverage please.” This is the most commonly used phrase when quoting customers. The second is “I only want the basic.” The 3rd is pretty accurate which is “I want just liability.” The problem with the first two of these statements are that they are way to vague and they are not what you want. I would say eighty percent of the time when someone tells me they want full coverage they end of reverting to just comprehensive and collision. These coverages deal directly with the vehicle. In other words it is a piece of property that is being insured. Similar to a house or something else you own. Comp/coll will take the value and the probability of a loss into account when making any type of premium. I invite anyone to call our office to ask insurance questions in hopes that you better understand what you are buying. You have a responsibility to purchase something that you know very little about. I could talk your ear off if you wanted me to. “I only want the basic.: Although i wish there was a coverage called “basic” there is not. It can be basic liability. It can be basic full coverage. It can be basic full coverage. In those three terms you can take off the word basic and just purchase one of those three. I encourage you to become educated on what your insurance actually covers. Grab your insurance policy and call your agent. Ask your agent what it is that you have purchased and what it covers. If there is anything you don’t understand, then I demand you ask your agent to explain. If they refuse or are unable you need to find another agent. In Grand Prairie by my office there are as many as 10 different insurance agents within a 2 mile radius.  I bet one of them would love to help you out in any way possible. Please call me as well.