Uninsured Drivers

by admin in Headline News at June 19, 2010

It has come to pass. The Texas Department of Insurance will be sending letters to uninsured drivers beginning June 14th. This is a big step in a long process that began in 2005 when SB1670 was passed. This law put into effect to TexasSure system that tracks all registered vehicles as to whether or not they carry insurance. It has been difficult setting up software and making it available to the law enforcement agencies. It is not in every agency but has grown over the past few years.

Now that they will begin mailing letters, they hope the percentage of drivers driving without insurance will decrease. When you receive the letter it will also reference you to registered agencies. Austin Insurance has registered as one of those agencies and we will look forward to serving those customers.
I, for one, feel as if this is going to benefit in every aspect. My business will increase its revenue and then I will be more protected as a driver. The state has made a big step in helping the consumer and the agencies all around. One of the biggest complaint is hearing people carry on about uninsured drivers. This shows that our state is working hard to correct the problem. In many aspects the TDI is helping the whole insurance industry in Texas as well as providing for the consumer. You are welcome to reference Alliance Insurance Agents of Texas (AIAT) for additional information. DRIVE SAFE!!!!