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Auto and Property Insurance


Auto Insurance. Home Insurance Renters Insurance. Motorcycle Insurance Head-quartered in Grand Prairie, Austin Insurance represents a plethora of insurance companies. We shop and compare through those companies and provide you our best policy. We can also manage your policy and are able to take payments on your policy. Get in touch with us to get up an estimate, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire whether our services are right for you. Contact LOCATION 702 Dalworth Grand Prairie, TX 75050 CONTACT (972) 642-0002

Areas of Practice

AUTO INSURANCE When searching for auto insurance in Grand Prairie, it is suggested to re-quote your insurance every 4-5 years. At Austin Insurance we represent multiple companies. This allows us to cover different scenarios and options for you.

HOME INSURANCE Home Insurance account for over 30% of our business. We have the ability to shop your homeowners policy amongst the well known insurance companies and the hundreds of other smaller more efficient companies.

LANDLORD POLICY Our ability to provide competitive quoted for dwelling tenant occupied policy is one my personal favorites. This protection is designed to protect the real estate investor and owner of a rental property.

MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE I don’t spend a lot of time shopping this one around. We have the fortuitous opportunity to sell for Progressive. Their Motorcycle Liability insurance starts around $95/year. We can cover the bike and accessories as well.

RENTERS INSURANCE If you rent your residence, we have the ability to protect your personal property from losses. Your landlord protects his house with his own policy but who protects your personal belongings. Our Renter’s Policies start around $180 for the year. That’s $15/month.

MISC, Q&A We also sell bonds and do commercial insurance. Above everything else, I am happy to answer any of your insurance questions. Even if you are not purchasing from us, I enjoy informing others about their policies and decision making.

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